Procedure of Hungarian Insurances
vehicle-defence product MABISZ grading

30th January 2006, Budapest, Hungary

v 1.10

This is the procedure of vehicle-defence MABISZ grading.

1)                   Fill in the application form, please. It’s made in bilingual form; therefore I think you don’t have any problem with it.

2)                   Afterwards send us via e-mail, fax or post.

3)                   I get in with you via e-mail. I exactly write down the particular time and further remains (e.g. charge). MABISZ board meeting is 4 times happening yearly.

4)                   Primarily you shall take part in the first technical visit. There you can meet the MABISZ board agents, technical expert and PlutO Company agent. There we take some technical questions what connected with the function of presented product and it is relate by MABISZ vehicle-defence requirements. On the first technical visit necessary:

-          one packed operable product;

-          instruction and installation sheet; warrant letter in original form and in clear Hungarian form (we help you in case of need);

-          signed and stamped bill refer the MABISZ board control possibility;

If the product is recognized by board we take you a reflection document and a bid in Hungarian language. It is contain the person’s name who took part from your company, name of your company, the product(s) main parameters, the list of additional deficiencies. The deficiency is only possible in documentary form. The technical parameter isn’t a variable construct. You have to make us the completion of documents within 3 days.

5)                   When the MABISZ board agents take in the vehicle-defence product, get it the security adviser for making a technical expert opinion.

6)                   PlutO Co. makes a Hungarian Insurances Grading document in Hungarian language by opinion of technical expert. In advance we send you the Grading via e-mail until the day before board meeting. You can take some notes about the document. It is not a definite paper. It further modifiable by MABISZ board. The Hungarian Insurances vehicle-defence product MABISZ grading contains (furthermore: Grading):

-          the Producer, Sales, Customer Company details;

-          basis for examination procedure;

-          summarized opinion of examination result;

-          the product with main properties and the MABISZ grading;

-          finally after some official sentences you can find the place of Insurance signs;

Proviso contains the main grading procedures and opinions what happened on the MABISZ board meeting.

The Grading at least 2 pages and the proviso is at least 2 pages, too.

7)                   The Grading period of validity is 3 years. The board may call in the product for special, unique examination within the expiry date. It can be happening when a member of MABISZ board run across an affair what cause an unused event.

If the validity time is up, you should make another MABISZ examination. If you don’t sell a new product in Hungary, you don’t have to require another MABISZ grading from ask them. Our system automatically recalls the product with the invalid expiry date. The Insurances accept the grade which was valid at the selling of the new product.

8)                   We can conclude the opinion of technical expert and MABISZ Grading within one-four months. The period within which the process is concluded to the type of product(s) and your interoperability and the turnout time. If you don’t make up the account we can delay the presentation for MABISZ board.

9)                   About price and time of board meeting we give for you more information via e-mail. To fill in the application form is necessary.

If you want more information, please write to me soon.

With best regards,

Mr. George Gall

technical manager

security adviser


PlutO Information and Expert Insurance Company

H-1142 Budapest, Szőnyi út 51/B.



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