MABISZ intrusion-defence recommendation
procedure in short

7 July 2006, Budapest, Hungary

v 1.31


The MABISZ instruction-defence recommendation isn’t compulsory for insurance companies. When take out an insurance the recommendation probably compared by insurance companies.

1.                   Fill in the settlement and application form , please. Without first page, it’s made on bilingual form; therefore I think you don’t have any problem with it.

2.                   Afterwards send us via e-mail and fax or post (on editable and signed form). Please send us the technical documentation and other copy of qualification, too. I mean under these e.g. prospectus, flyer and Certificate.

If the product is door, window, French window or shop-front, please fill in the actual document from components, too.

3.                   Usually we expect application forms up to the last Friday of month (after these time up to 14 days delay possible the lodging by 5 %/ day extra). We make quotation by right of the incoming documents. We send the given quotation for your contact person via e-mail or fax.

With possibly note we wait the answer via fax (or e-mail) in signed (and stamped) official form. Up to official return you can stand off without any charge.

4.                   When we have the accepted quotation, we make a contract plan in Hungarian language. We post the contract in 2 copies and the account. We wait for the director’s signed (and stamped) and possibly noted return of post.

5.                   During that time the technical expert works with the mentioned products. When we have any question, we communicate with your contact person (usually via e-mail).

6.                   The Pluto Engineering Office Ltd. makes MABISZ recommendation document plan in Hungarian language by opinion of technical expert. Until the day before board meeting we send you the previous document of MABISZ recommendation via e-mail. You can take some notes, reflections, suggestions or questions about the document. It is not a definite paper! It further modifiable by property-defence and damage-prevention board of Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (furthermore: MABISZ PDB).

7.                   MABISZ recommendation contains:

1.       the Producer, Sales Company details;

2.       basis for examination procedure;

3.       summarized opinion of examination result;

4.       assumption of risk by Insurance Companies;

5.       Installer declaration (the copied recommendation has to be signed and dated by the installer. It is necessary to settle further disagreement what happening by instalment chance);

6.       the product with main properties and the MABISZ grading;

7.       finally after some official sentences you can find the place of MABISZ board member signs;

Proviso contains the main recommendation procedures and opinions what according to the MABISZ board deserts.

The recommendation contains at least 2 pages and the proviso contains at least 1 page (we post it on 1 issue by default within 1 week from board meeting).

8.                   The recommendation period of validity is 5 years. The board may call in the product for special, unique examination within the expiry date. It usually occurs when questionable on an installed system or product whether it is same by recommended product, or sorely hurt the insurance conditions.

9.                   The opinion of technical expert and MABISZ recommendation is ready within one-two months. It depends on the available document, product model, destruction test’s fullness state together with professional consultation’s efficiency.

10.               If the Customer doesn’t do the contract duties (shortly data supply, doesn’t make up in time the account), we can delay the previous document of MABISZ recommendation presentation for MABISZ PDB.

11.               On the packing, technical description or promotion of recommended product the MABISZ log, emblem no usable.

12.               About price and time of board meeting we give for you more information face to face, on phone or via e-mail. To fill in the settlement and application form  is condition to start the examination procedure.

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to write me soon.

With best regards,

PlutO Engineering Office Ltd.

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